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Our Mission

Allied's Veterinary primary mission is to act as an extension of your veterinarian's practice. We offer state of the art treatment and the most advanced diagnostics available. Our specialists are here to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of complicated animal diseases with the goal of returning your pet to health and improving their quality of life. The goal of our hospital is to develop a plan for treatment that meets both your expectations and your pet's medical needs. We recognize that excellent care is more than simply attending to the medical needs of our patients and incorporates compassion and respect for you, the pet owner, as well. The doctors and nurses at Allied treat every pet under their care as one of their own, and every concerned pet owner is considered part of our family.

Specialty & Referral Service

Allied is host to some of the most advanced care available anywhere including:
  • Advanced imaging procedures such as digital radiology, abdominal ultrasonography, echocardiography, and myelography.
  • ICU care for critically ill and injured pets - trauma and wound management, respiratory support, mechanical ventilation, blood and plasma transfusion, peritoneal dialysis, medical and surgical emergencies.
  • Specialty surgical services - knee and hip surgery, fracture stabilization and fixation, back and neck surgery, thoracic surgery, advanced soft tissue surgery and complicated wound care.
  • Additional specialty services - Allied continues to seek partnerships with additional specialists to expand the services available to pets in Tallahassee and beyond. Our current specialties include emergency and critical care, soft tissue, neurologic, and orthopedic surgery, veterinary ophthalmology, as well as radiology.

Only Certified Specialist in Emergency Medicine & Critical Care

Our expertise is a combination of both extensive training and years of experience. We are home to the area's first and only. Our emergency doctors are prepared for any and all conditions and are comfortable with even the toughest medical and surgical emergencies.

Modern On-Site Equipment

At Allied Veterinarian you can rest assured that your pet will be taken care of as best as possible. Our highly skilled and professional doctors are complemented with the best equipment available to provide full comprehensive care. We provide in-house digital imaging, a state of the art Intensive Care Unit and modern laboratory equipment.